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Levent Kimya, which has a success story of providing solution to an uncovered cleaning need in Turkey behind its foundation, was founded in 1979 by Güngör Pekşen and Levent Pekşen in Antalya.

It was a common problem that calcified residues resulting from the minerals included in water at high ratios in Turkey could not be cleaned. Güngör Pekşen who improved Porçöz for this purpose, has promoted Levent Kimya to the position of creator and leader of decalcifier market. Porçöz which was named by combination of the words ’’Por’’ meaning lime and ’’Çözüm’’ meaning solution, still maintains its leader position in the market as a generic brand created by Levent Kimya.

Levent Kimya that operates at its 40 thousands squaremeter premises, with 20 thousand squaremeter indoor space at Organised Industrial Site in Antalya Döşemealtı, continues its growth with innovative products that solve various cleaning needs under Porçöz brand.

Levent Kimya, evolving by uniting its past values with present technology and dynamics, continues to improve its product range. Levent Kimya; provides solutions for different cleaning needs by Household Electrical Appliances Series, Extra Powerful Toilet Cleaner and Multi-purpose products which were marketed in May 2018 in addition to Porçöz Extra Powerful Cleaning Family and Spray Family. Levent Kimya which is Turkey’s domestic power in cleaning sector, is also increasing its power in the international market.


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